The Writer’s Best Friend in a Story’s Planning, Outlining, and Developing Phase


The Novel Planner Workbook helps aspiring and seasoned writers of all ages plan, outline, and develop their stories—whether an epic novel or a shorter story.

Sections include:


The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist

A great, detailed checklist for the self-published writer divided into 5 subsections:

  • Manuscript

  • Book Design

  • Publishing

  • Promotion

  • Extras (including author website, email list, and social media)

Don't get discouraged by the name, though! This checklist is also an important resource for those aiming for a traditional publishing deal.



This is a section that includes free spaces for brainstorming ideas as well as some questions to answer before you start working on your story.



This section includes templates of:

  • Setting

  • Scene

  • Main Character Sketch

  • Antagonist Sketch

  • Major Character Sketch

  • Minor Character Sketch

And you don't have to worry about not having enough of these for your entire story because I've included information inside the planner where you can download more of these templates for FREE, and print out as many as you want and need.


Story Structure

What is a story without a story structure? Like a human without bones, or a house without walls. That's why I've included the simple Seven Point Story Structure in this book to get you going.


Other great sections of the book:

I've also added a Research List where you can add what you need to research for your story and tick off as you've finished them.

There is also a chapter called The Ultimate Story Checklist, and it is divided into subsection such as:

  • Characters

  • Setting

  • Plot

  • Point-of-View

  • Dialogue

To use this checklist to its full potential, use it after you've finished your first draft. I added this into the book to offer you some help for how to proceed after you've finished your first draft.

There is also plenty of space to add additional notes throughout the book, as well as entire pages of it at the back, to offer you some space to let your ideas run wild.

And, don't forget that you get additional FREE templates and character sketches in PDFs that are available for download and home printing (details inside the workbook).

Ready to start planning your novel?

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The paperback version of The Novel Planner is sized 8.5" x 11".


Available in paperback!

White Cover and Black Cover respectively:


Also available in ebook format!

Please note that this workbook was designed to be a physical planner, which means the ebook version may contain some instruction you won’t be able to do on your ereader (like brainstorm and such). There is, however, a link to some FREE downloadable templates and sketches in this ebook as well, providing you with the opportunity to print out actual pages from the physical book. Thank you.