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The Busy Author’s Guide Box Set 1: 4 Books

Have you ever felt overwhelmed of how much information and how many full-length books there are about writing? Have you ever bought several books on writing, thinking they will make you write better and/or faster, but instead you read and read and push away the time your should spend writing?


The Busy Author’s Guide-series is a series of short ebooks meant for all kinds of writers who don’t have time to wade through yet another full-length book when they should be writing.

This series will provide you with bite-sized help, inspiration, tips, and creative exercises because small steps are easier to tackle than giant leaps.

You will find the following titles in this box-set:
How to Outline Your Book with Pre-Outline Questions
How to Outline Your Book with “What if…” Questions
How to Get to Know Your Characters with Character Interviews
How to Get to Know Your Story’s World with Worldbuilding Questions


Available in ebook format!