I help writers write their books. I help them come up with solid story ideas, teach them how build the foundation for their stories, and how to be fearless writers.

You can find all the courses I Offer below:


4 Steps to a Solid Story Idea

Learn how to come up with a solid tory idea in 4 steps. This is a free email course for aspiring writers thinking about writing a book as well as for the writer who wants to jump into the next writing adventure.


The Building Blocks of a Novel

Build a story from the ground up by learning the basic building blocks of a novel. Here you’ll learn how J.K. Rowling used building blocks like world building, character creation, story structure and much more to build the foundation for the Harry Potter series. You’ll also learn how to adapt those techniques to fit your own story, no matter in what genre you write.


How to be a Fearless Writer

Are you struggling to write your book? Is fear and/or doubt holding you back from finishing it? In this free email course, you’ll learn how to be a fearless writer by changing your mindset and writing what you love.