I am a lover of books and stories, an avid reader, and a passionate writer.


I began blogging and creating writing resources at The Writing Kylie in early 2015 at the side of my studies in Literature. My dream was to become a self-published writer. And, at the end of the same year, my dream came true as I published five books about writing. Since then, I’ve been motoring on to publish more books, which have increasingly improved in quality.


Due to long periods of depression, with The Writing Kylie as my only income stream, I’ve been forced to prioritize creating products to increase my income rather than free content here on the website. And, knowing very well how pressed for money writers are, it pains me not to offer more free resources.


However, this is something I want to change. But I can’t do it alone.


In order to create more high-quality free content and writing resources, I need your help!


If you’ve enjoyed any of my work at The Writing Kylie and/or any of my books thus far, please consider helping me by becoming a Patron at my Patreon page.


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I want to help as many writers as possible to fulfill their dreams, to write and publish their work, as I have.


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